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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cubase: DIY Vocal Rider | Audio & Project Files

Hear For Yourself

Technique : Cubase Notes

Mike Senior

The files on this page accompany the Cubase Technique column in SOS June 2010 (/sos/jun10/articles/cubase_0610.htm), in which Mike Senior explored ways to achieve an effect akin to Waves' Vocal Rider plug-in using Cubase 5's in-built plug-ins.

Download all Hi-Res WAVs
5.4 MB


This is the audio example with the 'vocal rider' effect dictating vocal levels.


This is the audio example without the 'vocal rider' effect dictating vocal levels.

Other Downloads

Mike has also kindly provided a Cubase project for download as a ZIP file, which should help to explain how this automation was achieved:

CubaseProject Download

Download and enjoy!  

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