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About LavBridge®


Purpose. The LavBridge is used by live stage performers. It is to be used with your wireless microphone system. It goes between the transmitter and the lavalier.
The purpose is to reduce wear and tear on the microphone lavalier and lower the cost of replacement. It also reduces down time during a performance. You can use the LavBridge without the optional microphone transmitter pocket (see part 2). However, the use of the pocket preserves the arch in the LavBridge, prolonging the life of the LavBridge.

It solves lavalier breakdown; it saves money and is more efficient. Quick fix repair time on site, reducing downtime during performances when time is of the essence.

It is a 6-8 inch wire and consists of a standard connector TA4 with optional TA4-F. Also can use a Sennheiser 1/8” connector . Other connectors are optional.
Approximate dimensions:
1mm diameter for the TA4 connector.
Length of the cable: 6 or 8” long
It works like a bridge; it connects between the transmitter and the microphone lavalier.

It reduces the wear on the lavalier. It is cost effective. Use of the bridge has been known to prolong the life of the lavalier up to six months or a year, even with high stress performances. In contrast, without the bridge, lavaliers can sometimes break down in one performance.

LavBridge® Pocket
Purpose. The optional pocket can be used with the Lav Bridge. Its purpose is to preserve the arch in the LavBridge, prolonging the life of the LavBridge.

  1. Made of water-resistant material. (i.e. spandex, leather, etc.)
  2. Approximate dimensions. 4.5” length X 3.25” wide; 1 “ deep
  3. The tabs on the pocket lock the bridge and lavalier into place, preserving the arch in the LavBridge, prolonging the life of the LavBridge, and taking up slack in the mic lavalier cord. The pocket is sweat and water resistant, providing further protection for both the transmitter and lavalier.
  4. It protects the lavalier and transmitter, extending the life of both the lavalier and transmitter. Versatile and adaptable to any wireless system. The tabs on the pocket make it unique in that they protect and help stabilize the lavalier wireless system.
Save Time and Money with LavBridge®.
For more information on how to purchase and use this product , please contact us at: nolimitsound@gmail.com