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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jordan Bio

     Jordan being a composer has been known from running tech for live theater to post production work on film and TV.  His passion is for music.  Inspired by many of the great classical and contemporary composers has influenced his continuous endeavor of composing inspiring music for a variety of  situations. It has also been known as theme music.  Solace was written to help relieve some of the stresses of everyday situations.  His saying of "taking you to an added dimension" is a way of saying to transporting you to a better place.

    Jordan has been playing music since he was very young around five years old playing tunes on the piano or just whistling various themes.  He played the flute for about six years and continues to study many other instruments.  He likes music that is timeless and hopes to continue to compose music that can transport you.

 His album and some of his other work can be found on Amazon and other venues such as iTunes, CD Baby, IMDB, etc..

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