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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Shadow Light 2002-2012 10th Anniversary

The Story
Utah, 1947

A deserted mansion... a hidden journal... a lost wagon train... an insane sea captain... a missing treasure, brothers Jason and Nate Simms may be in over their heads! After a disastrous summer camping trip, the boys find themselves stranded in a small southern Utah town with a mysterious past.

With help from the local family, the boys begin unraveling the clues of a 60 year-old mystery that lead them to an ancient treasure worth more than all the riches on earth.

The Production
Producer Rob Sibley has always been fascinated with the history of the Rocky Mountain West. He wanted to make an adventure story that would spark the imagination of the audience about the pioneers. The Shadow of Light is targeted for every member of the family. Although the majority of the story is fictional, there are many elements of fact sprinkled throughout. "The whole purpose of this film is to entertain the family and yet at the same time tell a compelling story," said Sibley.

The Shadow of Light covers two time periods, the late 1800's (when the pioneers were still settling many areas of the west) and the late 1940's. Wanting to tie the two time periods together, Sibley knew that in the late 40's there were people still alive who would have known some of the original pioneers. He also wanted to show how much has changed from the late 40's through the present.

Jordan McClung was the Sound Designer/Sound Engineer making the movie to work with limited resources and budget. Here are some of his thoughts and quotes when starting this audio post-production project.

"I wasn't sure what the outcome was going to be with this film at the beginning of the this post-production project. I just remember Rob saying along the lines of "I don't know what to do with this film, the [onsite production] sound is all messed up for some reason and I am about to just throw it out, tell me what you can do with it".

"At the time I figured it was it was already viewable, now to see what could be done to make it worth listening to on a reasonable sound level". I told him "let's have a look" It was quite the challenge, but our team made it happen. The sound isn't stunning, but a great improvement from where it started. It is half of what makes the story".

No Limit Sound Productions 2002-2012

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We were working with Milestone Productions doing the Audio Post-Production work, at the time our company was DBA SIMPLE Sound Productions.



Still available for purchase at: Amazon.com

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