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Company Founded

Our services include Sound Engineering, Audio Post-Production, System Upgrades and Equipment Consulting.
Our mission is to provide excellent quality and service to our customers. We do customized service.


       Founded in 2005 the company was formally known as SIMPLE Sound Productions in 1998 then as No Limit Sound Productions.  Other accomplishments include running tech in live theater to post production for film and television.  Other services we provide include consulting for small or large budgets on various or specialized programs for upgrading and enhancing your system.  We have more than 10 years of engineering for live theater sound in more than 80 productions.  In 2010 we created LavBridge® an innovative way of preserving your wireless microphone system in allowing you to save time during a performance and keep you in your budget.

We provide Media Conversions from various older media.  Preserving your family history or from various media formats.such as:

Audio Cassette Tapes, Long Play (LP) Records, 8-tracks, Micro Cassettes to CD or MP3's and other audio formats.

Video formats from VHS Video Tapes, 8mm Video to DVD video formats. Media files or Data files are also available for Data CD's. Graphic Designs for cover photos are available.

In 2011 we worked on a promotional tag trailer for Epicworld Productions for a book to be posted on Amazon. Since 2012 we have completed and released the music albums of "Solace" and "In Motion"  and other albums by Jordan with the recording, mixing and mastering in our facilities.  We continue to look forward to new and innovative ways to improve the outlook of the sound industry in which we serve our clients.

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